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A-PDF Image Converter Pro is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you to batch convert your image files for putting on the web, emailing to friends, or displaying on your mobile phone. Another convenience feature is hot directory (Watch Folder to convert Images); it can be converted to other format automatically when the source image files are written to a specified monitored directory.


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How A-PDF Image Converter Pro Work

How does it work

Why A-PDF Image Converter Pro

Stop wasting time resizing or converting images one by one. Get Advanced Batch Converter!

There are some strange folks out there, who waste their valuable time converting, resizing images one by one. After spending hours doing that. Then they complain how difficult it is to use Photoshop to perform even the most basic image editing tasks. And the most unusual thing about them that they still have not downloaded and installed A-PDF Image Converter
Pro - a time-saving image batch processing software, the application is so simple, even your grandmother can use it.

Advanced Batch Converter can take virtually any number of images in many format and convert them within seconds to any of 10+ the most popular formats.

Key Features

  • Convert between many different image formats.
  • Adjust the quality of your jpeg files.
  • Batch converts thousands of files at once
  • Convert to JPEG in any size.
  • Load images directly from a CD, Windows folder, or drag and drop digital photos straight into the program.
  • View images and format information before converting.
  • Create your own command line automation.

Save Money

A-PDF Image Converter Pro is a standalone program costing only $27.

A-PDF Image Converter Pro Command Line

A-PDF Image Converter Pro Command line (ImageConveterCmd.exe) can be used as a Windows console utility that silent convert image file.


IMAGECONVETERCMD <ImageFileName> [OutFileName] [Option]

<ImageFileName>: Input image filename. [OutFileName]: -O<OutFileName>: Output image filename. Resize image Option: -P<Resize Parameter>: Resize Parameter: 1 : Crop image to select size. 2 : Shrink or enlarge images to the w*h size. 3 : Fit image to the w * h size. Resize -W,-H -W<Resize Width>: Resize image width. Default is 800.
-H<Resize Height>: Resize image height. Default is 600. -F<Resample Filter>: Resample filters:
1 : Using Nearest method to Resample Filter.
2 : Using Bilinear method to Resample Filter.
3 : Using Lanczos method to Resample Filter.
Flip image Option:
-D<Degrees Rotate>: -90,90,180,270
-R<Horizontally>: Horizontally image.
-V<Vertically>: Vertically image. Examples:
IMAGECONVETERCMD.exe "C:\source01.JPG" "D:\source01.bmp"
IMAGECONVETERCMD.exe "C:\source01.JPG" "D:\source01.bmp" -D90


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