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A-PDF Wav to MP3 is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful audio conversion tool that lets you to batch convert WAV file to high quality MP3 audio formats, It is equipped with a standard audio compressed encoder, you can select bitrate settings and convert multiple files at once. Another convenience feature is hot directory (Watch Folder to convert Audio); it can be converted to mp3 format automatically when the source wav files are written to a specified monitored directory.

The WAV to MP3 converter provides optimized settings which can be set up to meet your demands. It supports Reserve ID3 tag and batch conversion as well.


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How A-PDF Wav to MP3 Work

How does it work

Why A-PDF Wav to MP3 Converter

Key Features

  • Easy to use – Just select the file you want to convert on your system!
  • Option of setting encoder property like bit rate, channel, sample rate, quality.
  • Reserve all ID3 tags in the original files after converting audio to MP3.
  • Automatically and silently convert wav to mp3 using watched folders.
  • Freely edit ID3 tag info like title, album, artist, URL, genre, year when converting wav audio to MP3.
  • The Wav to MP3 converter allows you to drag & drop file, specify output path, and queue music files.

Save Money

A-PDF Wav to MP3 is a standalone program costing only $9.9.

A-PDF Wav to MP3 Command Line

A-PDF Wav to MP3 Command line (WavToMp3Cmd.exe) can be used as a Windows console utility that silent convert wav to mp3.


WavToMp3Cmd <Wav Filename> [Output Filename] [Option]

<Wav Filename>: Input wav filename. [OutFileName]: -O< Output Filename>: Output mp3 filename. [Option] Set Save Information: -B<Set BitRate>:48,56,64,80,96,128,192,256,320
-T<Set Title>: Set the mp3 title.
-A<Set Artist>: Set the mp3 artist.
-L<Set Album>: Set the mp3 album.
-Y<Set Year>: Set the mp3 year. Flip image Option:
-D<Degrees Rotate>: -90,90,180,270
-R<Horizontally>: Horizontally image.
-V<Vertically>: Vertically image.
"WavToMp3Cmd C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\test\cut2.wav"
"WavToMp3Cmd C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\test\cut2.wav" -B96


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