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A tool to put MS Word and PPT files into PDF format together?

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What is the best and most affordable software on put MS Word and PPT files into PDF format together?


You can use A-PDF Office to PDF (free download here) to put MS Word and PPT files into PDF format together in three easy ways:
  1. Operate "OfficetoPDF.exe" and click "Batch Convert Mode" then "Next>" to begin
  2. Click "Add" or "Add Folder" to add office files to be converted, or drag the files to the list directly, then do settings as Properties, Security, Watermark, Viewer etc.
  3. Click "Convert to PDF And Save As" to complete the operation (You can click "Hot Directories Mode" to start monitoring)
  1. Operate "OfficetoPDF.exe" and click "Hot Directories Mode" then "Next>" to begin
  2. "Input Directory" to be monitored, "Out Directory" and "Log File Path" for outputting converted files and log
  3. Click "Start hot directory service" to start monitoring (You can click "Return to Batch Mode" to do batch conversions at once)
    Use A-PDF Office to PDF in command line.

This web tutorial will give you an overview of the procedure how easy to use this product!


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