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Any server version to automate security PDFs changes in a folder?

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I used your A-PDF Password Security, but is there any way that automate security PDF files in different folders with adding different passwords?


You can use the service program A-PDF Password Security Service (free download here).

This program can be used as Windows Service programs, which will be always running, and you can set different monitor folders and security methods with it.

Just set the service program as follows:

  1. Open the program, click "Add Folder.." button to define Monitored Directory, Output Directory, Log File Directory (Backup Directory);
  2. Set Security Method: Security Level and Permissions, click "Ok" to save all settings;
  3. Click "Add Folder.." button to add the second folder which to be monitored simultaneously, define unique security method as your wanted, save it (you can set many folders based on your needs);
  4. Click "Start Services" icon to monitor the different folders at the same time.

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