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Are validation scripts supported in A-PDF Scan and Split command line?

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I have problem with command line usage of A-PDF Scan and Split. I set up the validation script in settings (please see the attachment). But validation script is not used when I use PSASCMD, are validation scripts supported in command line?


If you set up the validation script in settings of A-PDF Scan and Split (free download here), but you don't know how to use the script in command line (PSASCMD), then view the below usage as reference ("-V" part is for using Validate Script):

PSASCMD [Split Method] [Input File] [options]

[Split Method] : it can only be either BLANK or BARCODE.
[Input File] : The PDF file to be split.

-P[Name Pattern]: The output name pattern, such as "{basename}_{part}".
-T[Transform Script File]: Script for transform barcode.
-V[Validate Script File]: Script for validate barcode.
-O[Output Path] : The output directory. Default is same as the input file.
-B[Method] : How to process separator page. The method can be 1,2,3.
1 : Discard the separator page. It is the default.
2 : Add the separator page to previous split part.
3 : Add the separator page to next split part.
-S[Password] : If the source file need password to open, use this option to pass the password.

PSASCMD BLANK "C:\pdfs\source.pdf"
PSASCMD BARCODE "C:\pdfs\invoices.pdf" -B2 -O"C:\output" -P"{barcode}"
PSASCMD BARCODE "C:\pdfs\invoices.pdf" -V"script.txt" -B2 -O"C:\output" -P"{barcode}"

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