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Can I OCR French content for changing names of PDF files?

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Is there any easy way to preview page content before renaming PDF files? And if I can extract French content directly for renaming could be better.


Now, A-PDF Preview and Rename (free download here) provides you the OCR functionality to rename PDF files based on grabbing content.

The program provides you multiple different languages for you to use OCR functionality, such as English, German, French, Italian and so on.

Click here to download your needed ( OCR Language Files) from our website firstly, do follow the instructions in the webpage.

Then start the program with below operations:

  1. Add PDF Documents: click "Add PDF Document" icon to add files to the list, you can view Old Names in the list;
  2. Preview: click on the first file, you can view the page thumbnails and content from the right side box;
  3. OCR: choose Language as "French", then click "Select text and OCR" button, draw grab box on specified text, click "OCR" icon, the extracted text will be listed in the "Rename As" box;
  4. Rename: click "Rename" button, the new name will be listed in "Renamed" column, then you can rename the following files in the same way.



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