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How do you secure around 5,000 PDFs in various subfolders under one directory?

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Which security tool you can recommend me to use for protecting my thousands files in various subfolders under one directory?


Just try A-PDF Password Security (free download here).

The program provides you three modes for you to choose, single mode, batch mode, and Hot Directory mode. You can choose Batch Mode.

Just set as below steps:

  1. Select "Batch PDF Documents Security" then click "Next >" button;
  2. Clilck "Add Dir" button to choose the large folder, and check the option "Include sub folder(s)" below, then click "OK";
  3. Click "Next >" button to enter into "Security Options" interface, set Security Method as your wanted;
  4. Click "Save" button to add passwords or restrictions on your thousands of files at once.


This web tutorial will give you an overview of the procedure how easy to use this product!

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