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How do you use command line to stamp PDF files?

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Can I use command line to add different types of watermarks to PDF document?


Yes, A-PDF Watermark (free download here) is professional PDF Watermark tool which enables Command Line Mode:

The Usage is as follow:
PWMCMD [Input File] [-S:Password] [Watermarks|wm file] [-O:Output File Name] [-U"[Macro Name]=[Macro Value], [Macro Name]=[Macro Value],..."]

Here are some examples:
1. PWMCMD c:\pdfs\doc.pdf "Text - FINAL"'
2. PWMCMD c:\pdfs\doc.pdf "FINAL" "Com Logo" -O"c:\pdfs\out.pdf"'
3. PWMCMD "c:\pdfs\doc.pdf" "C:\Watermark\doMark.wm" -o"c:\pdfs\out.pdf"
4. PWMCMD c:\pdfs\doc.pdf "MacroWatermark" -O"c:\pdfs\out.pdf" -U"mymacroA=companyA,InputName=clientA"

This web tutorial will give you an overview of the procedure how easy to use this product!

Or view video tutorial here:


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