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How do you use script to set validity of barcode for splitting?

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My PDF files contains multiple types of barcodes, how can I split those files just on some unique barcode type?


You can have a try on A-PDF Scan and Split (free download here).

This program enables you to define barcode validity as split tag:

  1. Select "Scan and Split" then click "Next >" to select "Method 1 (Printed Barcode Page as Split Tag)", then click "Next >";
  2. Click "Make Sure Your Barcode Can be Recognized" button, enter into Barcode Recognizing interface, select source file, and click "Validate" to input script for specifying barcode, and then save:

    a-pdf scan and split set validate for split barcode

  3. Select scanner, and you can set output quality, then set output folder and name parten;
  4. Click "Start" to scan and split at once based on your settings.

Video Tutorial


This web tutorial will give you an overview of the procedure how easy to use this product!

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