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How to arrange location of cropped text in output file?

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If you want to crop PDF pages into smaller sheets, you can draw two or more crop boxes in one sheet, and then arrange text location in output pages. The tutorial below tells you how to arrange text locations in output PDF pages:


  1. Free Download and open A-PDF Page Crop;
  2. Add File: click "File->Open" to add a PDF file, thumbnail pages will be listed;
  3. Add Crop Box: draw crop box on the page you want to crop into small sheets, and specify the box size by dragging or inputting parameters of distance to borders;
  4. Define Page Size and Position for cropped file: click "Options->Settings->Page Size", then define new Page size and where to put the cropped content;
  5. a-pdf page crop define position for new pages.gif

  6. Apply: select page range or orientation to apply current crop settings to your selected pages;
  7. Crop: click "File->Crop and Save As" to define an output folder for the new file which has been cropped and put into wanted location.


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