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How to rename a batch of files using excel sheet?

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I have about 221 pdfs and I want to use naming that I have in an Excel sheet? How can I make it work?


You can use A-PDF Rename (free download here) to rename multiple PDF files simultaneously with follow steps:
  1. Add PDF Documents: select "File->Add PDF Document" or "File->Add Folder", you can even drag files to the list directly;
  2. Choose "File->Export List" to export all items in the list to a spreadsheet with CSV format;
  3. Open the export list and copy your naming in some Excel sheet into the column of "NewName";
  4. Select "File->Import List" to import the edited list with new naming;
  5. Click "Rename" to batch change multile PDF files at the same time.

This web tutorial will give you an overview of the procedure how easy to use this product!


Or view video tutorial here:



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