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How do you extract data from two or more sheets for labeling?

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I am trying to upload my excel file. But it is only uploading one of my tabs, not the enitre excel worksheet. How to import 2 or more sheets at the same time?


When you use A-PDF Label (PDF mail merge) (free download here), after clicking "Open excel file", you can input below sentenses in SQL box to import two or more tables from one Excel at the same time:

select * from [Sheet1$]
union select * from [Sheet2$]
union select * from [Sheet3$]

("Sheet1/2/3" stands for the different names of sheets, make sure all sheets contain the same number columns.)

Click "Run SQL" and then follow the below steps:

  1. Select a Rule for Labeling: Click the "+" icon and custom a rule step by step(a label rule defines labels content based on a PDF template) and then save;
  2. Click the "Label and Create as PDF" icon to form PDFs with labels.

This web tutorial will give you an overview of the procedure and you will handle this tool with ease!


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