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All language files are made by our users. Thank them! Since that, We can not guarantee the file are exact or complete, so please proofread your documents carefully.

We encourage users to make translation files. It's very easy. Once you make a language file, you can email it to us. If we accept yours, the file will be put here, and you will receive a free license key of A-PDF Merger. Click here for more information about translation.

Download Language File

Product Version
Arabic 3.0.1 Adham Mohamed Dahab
Brazilian-Portuguese 4.7.0 Ericson L. Silva
Chinese[简体中文] 3.0.1 King Max
Czech 3.0.2 Jiri Hofreiter
European-Portuguese 3.1.2 Éloi Mendes
French 3.0.0 Yves Therasse
German 2.4.1 Björn Steinleitner
Hebrew 2.5.0 Zion Levy
Italiano 4.0.0 Tonino Terenzi
Magyar 2.5.0 Gonosz_@
Russian 4.0.0 Alex Shelestov
Spanish | Help file 3.1.2 Francisco J. Arrillaga

To apply your language, please do the steps below:

  1. Click the language name to download the language file.
  2. Launch the program, click menu Tools|Languages|Import Language File and select the language file(s). The language file will be added.
  3. Select your language by click menu Tools|Languages|<language>.
  4. Restart the program.


We provide a easy way for translating A-PDF Merger:

  1. Launch the program, click menu Tools|Languages|New Language File
  2. Input the language name you want to translate into
  3. A new file will be created in that language.
  4. Edit the new language file using text editor such as Notepad.

For your information:

  • All languages are in the A-PDF Merger installation directory.
  • The file name is the language name
  • You can control Font, font size and charset (Except menu and button, they are handled by the operating system). But most times, you do not need to change them(especially if you are unfamiliar with changing font properties). The default control set is:
    Name =Tahoma
    Size =8
    CharSet =DEFAULT