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I downloaded and tried A-PDF Preview and Rename. It is the perfect application and does exactly what it says. I was very happy with its performance. Unfortunately, I will have to use some other slow method because it just costs way too much for me for personal use. I only have to use it for about 2,400 PDFs that I have and then it will probably just be idle until I get another 2000+ PDFs in a year.

Rich Masinelli, Jan, 2012 [A-PDF Preview and Rename]

I freakin' love this program! Scan and Split!!! It works perfectly and is saving us a TON of time - I mean a TON! What normally took all day, now takes less than an hour. This was the PERFECT solution. Thank you so much.

- Mark Feldstein, CFO, Gardner Pool Plastering, Mar 2010 [A-PDF Scan and Split]

I just had to let you know how delighted I am with your A-PDF Merger. I needed to merge two .pdf files together and was sure someone, somewhere, had a tool to do it. A quick 'Google' found your web site and within a few seconds I had A-PDF Merger installed on my computer, one quick trial and I knew it was exactly what I needed! I don't think ever I've downloaded a trial and paid for the full version so fast!

A great little tool, simple to use at a very reasonable price.

- Connie Evans, England, Mar, 2010 [A-PDF Merger]

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this product. My boss got IT permissions (hard to do) and purchased 1 license for the unit for me. I LOVE what this program can do for me for the long complex process I am up to my eyeballs in! You have cut my time down by the fact I can do 1 mass scan (I can walk away from the machine to do something else instead of watching it). Then I can name my bookmarks in a specific way and the program splits my files and names them.... cuts massive time for me! Thank you thank you thank YOU for this beautiful little program!

- Sue Darby, US, Feb, 2010 [A-PDF Split]

Again let me say how happy I am with your company and all the help you are giving me. I have shown what you are doing to two other hospitals and they will be purchasing your product as well!... I do feel you have gone above and beyond what would be considered reasonable to provide support for your product.

-Bob Ross, US, Aug, 2009 [A-PDF Content Splitter]

First, I'd like to say: Thanks! This is a great little utility. In fact, I've been wanting something like this for many years. I will be using this utility to combine yearly scans of all my financial records; i.e.: bank statements, credit card statements, tax records, etc. I have records dating back to 1995. Those records are in single file, monthly jpg scans; sometimes several pages per month. Your utility allows me to combine each year's worth into 1 pdf file.

-Herman Timothy Cunningham, Apr, 2009 [A-PDF Merger]

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your product. I use it once per week to combine 120 single-page PDFs into a single document that needs to be alphabetically ordered by page title. It was a nightmare trying to automate that using JScript in Acrobat. It's very good of you to price A-PDF Merger so reasonably.

-Very satisfied customer. Adam Durell, LKQ Corporation, Apr, 2009 [A-PDF Merger]

After using their products for a few months, I recommend you take a look at "Affordable PDF Tools" or "A-PDF." They are located at http://www.a-pdf.com.

As stated above, since the 1990s I have used Acrobat Pro and about five alternative programs. In 2008, I can confidently say that I am most impressed with A-PDF products. Specifically:

  • A-PDF offers very-few-clicks programs; they are simple to install and use;
  • They provide trial downloads;
  • They offer the ability to buy only the programs with the functions that you need (i.e., Microsoft Word to PDF; imageto PDF, PDF merger;PDF File Splitter; Password Security, etc.); and
  • Their pricing is great. For example, prices range from individual programs at $35 to $99 for packages or groups of programs. These are far better prices than paying $450 for the extremely complex Acrobat Pro.

- MICHAEL MORTIMER, US, Nov, 2008 [Plaintiff Magazine]
Alternative to Adobe PDF Online November 08

Great program. Exactly what I needed. Works very fast. No problems and a great price.

-Kursat Aksel, US, Oct, 2008 [A-PDF Merger]

I bought this to break up large pdfs by bookmark. After already paying for 2 more expensive products ($$$), that were inconsistent or just didn't work, I tried A-PDF. I ran into some problems at first, but when I emailed them, I received a quick response and fix. It works beautifully, quickly, its so easy and its saved me a lot of time and headache. I wish I had tried A-PDF first!

-KC Goyer, US, Jul, 2008 [A-PDF Split]

Thank you for your excellent program, A-PDF restrictions remover. I appreciate that it is small and works exactly as it should. It is small and efficient and well designed. After using the program a few times, I decided I should purchase it and support your company and the product.

-T. Rosen, US, Apr. 2008 [A-PDF Restriction Remover]

I just purchased PDF Merger and I love the software. Outstanding interface and extremely easy to use. Typically, I use the freeware CUTE PDF to print any files into PDF and then will use the PDF Merge software to combine them.

-Chris Snodgrass, US, Apr. 2008 [A-PDF Merger]

A-PDF Restrictions Remover is really an amazing tool! I am already satsfied with the function. How easy the use of A-PDF RR is!

-J.T., JP, Feb. 2008 [A-PDF Restriction Remover]

I write to thank you for the usefulness and economy of this product. I use PageMaker 7.0.1 to output PDF files for "on-demand" publication, and have had fine success using the services of CafePress.com for publishing. Recently I found Lulu.com, another on-demand service, that includes color and hard-back books as their products. Unfortunately, I was unable to use my PDF files with Lulu.com, because I continually got a "password protection" error, even though I did not have a single restriction selected in the PDF output. Your product easily and economically overcame that problem, and curiously, I even get a thumbnail of the first page of the publication now, where the previous document merely showed the generic Adobe icon. I am also looking now at your PDF merge program, something that could save me a great deal of time in creating compilations of previous brochures and magazines. Many thanks, and congratulations for a much needed product. It works.

-Dayne Adams, US, Feb. 2008 [A-PDF Restriction Remover]

I have Adobe Acrobat professional, so many of your PDF tools are available in my version of the program. I purchased the PDF restrictions remover because I access a large achieve of PDF files that are locked which I need to modify to meet my particular needs. I downloaded your product as a trial and discovered that it met my needs perfectly; so I purchased it since the project I am working on will take several months to complete. Thank you for making this product available.

-Alvin Anderson, US, Feb. 2008 [A-PDF Restriction Remover]

Many thanks for a fast and useful a-pdf solution. I had to split a huge package of dual sided scans into separate pages to merge afterwards to a single pdf document. a-pdf did manage this within 13 h (!!!) after urgent request by introducing an advanced renumbering option with even and odd pages in their a-pdf split software. Good luck for the team and the company.

-Dr. Dietrich Schulze, Germany, Aug. 2007 [A-PDF Splitter]

Thanks for doing an unrestricted trial of the PDF pword remover. I had to unlock some PDFs of which the original documents had been lost at my workplace. It was nice to find software which didn't output only half the pages. My boss is very happy and so am I. If I need to do this more often, I'll certainly buy your product.

-Alex Holver, AU, Aug. 2007 [A-PDF Restriction Remover]

Just a quick message to say Thank You. I transcribe and format ebooks in PDF, I use a "random password generator" for each title, a glitch meant that I lost all my passwords and I was unable to alter my files...Now I can. What an excellent product.

-Margaret Coughlan, US, May. 2007 [A-PDF Restriction Remover]

The A-PDF merger program is absolutely fantastic. I can't believe how perfect it is. It is so simple to use and does exactly what it's supposed to do without having to spend more than a minute learning how to do it. And what a good price. Amazing. I am so impressed. Thanks.

- Lois Bravo, www.loisimages.com, Apr. 2007 [A-PDF Merger]

I produce a lot of CDs for a Family History Society. These frequently contain anything up to 1000 scanned images of original documents and are packaged as Acrobat format files. Importing images into Acrobat is slow process and, with the earlier version of Acrobat which we use, jumbles the order in which the images appear. Even when successfully imported, the process of bookmarking the resulting pages is time-consuming in the extreme. With another two large projects in prospect, I looked around for another solution and found A-PDF Merger. The program could hardly be simpler to install and use. Several hundred JPG images were quickly merged into a single PDF file without loss of sequence. Moreover, the feature which allows the image name to be inserted as a bookmark name has saved hours of work. Software often claims to improve productivity and fails to deliver. A-PDF Merger delivers in spades! A brilliant, inexpensive, solution to the problem of image merging.

- John Marsden, UK, Mar. 2007 [A-PDF Merger]

It's handsome software to make back-ups of your powerpointpresentations. I earlier did with the given FlashSpringPro. This program has an extra, because you can lock them with a passwort. So in a scale from 0-10 I give the program 9 points.

- Arjan, www.dominee.eu, Mar. 2007 [A-PDF PPT2PDF]

Perfect! The interface is nice and the options are right to the point.

- Kyle N. Neitzel, Litigation Support Specialist, US, Dec. 2006 [A-PDF Size Splitter]

The $9.99 seems a very reasonable price indeed, considering what it can do with pdf files that are otherwise very hard to work with. It's a very useful addition to desktop utilities for manipulating pdf files - couldn't be much easier to use and it only takes a second or so to do the job.

- Andy Bowers, CA, Oct. 2006 [A-PDF Restrictions Remover]

So we would like to thank you for the good job you have done for us and also for the fast service. If in the future we see another possibility to make use of your assistance we will surely do so.

- Jean-pierre Callant, BELGIUM, Mar. 2006 [Custiomization service]