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How to Batch Unsecure a Secured PDF?

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What software application would work best for unsecuring a secured PDF?


You can use A-PDF Password Security (free download here) to unsecure a secured PDF, it can removes all security settings from a group of PDF files by using a batch process automatically; here is an easy tutorial to tell you step by step
  1. Free download and Install A-PDF Password Security.
  2. Then launch the program, open A-PDF Password Security wizard
  3. screenshot of A-PDF Password Security

  4. Select the option "Batch PDF Document Security" and push the button "Next >"
  5. Click ”Add” to Add files or even click “add Dir” to Add Dir for add all of files in a directory.
  6. screenshot of A-PDF Password Security

  7. If any of the files you want to encrypt is password-protected Already (Open Password), then you need to click the "Try password" icon to try to open password-protected files, A-PDF Password Security will try file password(s) by using Password Pool automatically!
  8. screenshot of A-PDF Password Security

  9. Password pool is a password list pool which stored commonly used passwords, which can be defined by user; A-PDF Password Security can use Password Pool to try open Password-protected files automatically Password Pool can be defined by clicking "Options…" button, and then a setting window will be opened. You can pre-define password in there.
  10. screenshot of A-PDF Password Security

    screenshot of A-PDF Password Security

  11. After selecting files, Click the button Next >, you will get a Security Method setting window, here to set Security Level to “NONE. then click "Save" or "Save as" to excute batch removing PDF security process.
  12. screenshot of A-PDF Password Security

  13. Finally you will get a resultant list to show if the PDF files decrypted successfully or not.
  14. screenshot of A-PDF Password Security

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